Waiting in Silence

There will be moments in our lives where God would make us wait. We are in excitement and in passion as we wait for the things we’ve prayed for – provisions, reconciliation, healing or restoration. But later, when it becomes too long, we get tired and bored since nothing’s really happened so far, just dull moments resulting to us becoming agitated. It becomes unbearable for us to wait anymore.

For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation. -Psalm 62:1 (ESV)

Yes, it’s not easy waiting but in Psalm 62:1, God is telling us to wait in silence. But what’s the meaning of silence in the said verse? The word ‘silence’ there equates to stillness and calmness. Waiting in silence means our souls wait in peace. When we have ourselves wait in silence (in patience and rest), we are telling God that “I am at peace because I know that He is at work; I am depending on Him that’s why I do not fret, with me aware that my own strength is never the solution to turn this situation around and I am still for I know and believe that He is sovereign, for He is God.”

From God comes our salvation, our breakthroughs. Look not in your situation since it’ll give you more frustration but when you look to God, on who God is – good, great and powerful, it’ll give you security and confidence. 🙂



Heavenly Father, for You I wait alone, for You I wait in silence. I ask for strength and courage, and for your peace to come into my heart and mind. I trust You and Your perfect timing because I believe You’re neither early nor late. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


Hillsong Young & Free Live in Manila

Another night has ended and worshiping with Hillsong Young and Free was amazing! I’ve been so enthusiastic about them coming to Manila! I’m very engrossed with their fresh vibes, rad music ever since they produced their first album. Youth Revival, their 2nd album, was launched on February 2016 comprising 13 tracks and I really listen to it most of the time. Some of my favorites are ‘Trust’, ‘Falling Into You’ and ‘In Your Eyes’. #GuiltyPleasure XD  …Who wouldn’t want to listen to such songs?!! I’ve been singing and dancing with them through Spotify but last night I got to worship with them LIVE! 😀 The worship concert was incredible! I loved how they asserted the purpose and heart of Youth Revival. The concert being done, the music and the fans are all good but it isn’t about those. It is solely about Jesus and fulfillng the Great Commission. ❤

Personally I felt God’s presence ministering intimately. Pastor Peter Toggs, the youth pastor of Hillsong Church, interestingly shared about God and the fallen humanity. Starting off, he has encountered many young people who had experiences of going through a break-up and it felt like it’s the end of the world for them. He also whimsically shared the three types of how people tear up: the self-seeker (the one crying loudly to get the concern of others), the silent one and the hyperventilating one. XD Even Ptr. Peter experienced it when his girlfriend, who later apparently became his wife, broke up with him back then. (oh my they are so cute! was surprised to know Laura Toggs was already married! *yes, it didn’t show off she has a hubby* ^-^) He ran away, was angry and felt sad. With the said story, he related it to Genesis 3:1-9. When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, they ran away and hid because they were afraid. What did God do? He didn’t stayed in his place and got all furious but went near them and asked them where they are. God is so amazing, loving, compassionate and gentle. He never wanted us to be far away from Him that He was the one who initiated in fixing the greatest break-up of all time. We could never perform our way to God. Never. It is only through Jesus that we become a new, genuine and loved creation. We are flawed and imperfect yet loved and saved. ❤

I sang my heart off and danced hard for Jesus!! 😀 Thank you Hillsong Young & Free! 😀 Feel free to visit the Philippines again XD We’d be more than happy to see you~ 😀



I only wanna sing if I sing with everything, if I sing to You my King
I can’t imagine why I would do this all for hype ’cause it’s all to lift You high

Oh Hurray For Today!

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I updated my blog! I missed WordPress and of course, you ;D

July 13, 2013 | Saturday

A beautiful reason in keeping me happy and smiling: I felt my mom kissed my cheek when I was still asleep at 6am this morning and was perturbed. When I slowly opened my eyes, to my surprise, she was holding and showing to me the book that I really wanted to have and read-Every day by David Levithan. Plus, she also took another book from the plastic bag (which was unexpected)-The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom. I really missed reading books! 😀 ♥♡♥


Weeeeeiiiii~~ Thank you Lord! :DDD What a great morning! #books #love #awesomeness #YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY

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Summer 2013 Update #3 – Tree Top Adventure & The Villas at Subic, Zambales

March 23, 2013 | Saturday


The weather is surely beautiful! Oh! Rainbow!!

The bright sun

The bright sun


The Mango trees are so cute that they look like big broccoli from afar! >. <



Getting ourselves ready for Canopy walk.



554228_10200339789476404_1369441066_n (1)


Superman Zipline! As always, I screamed! Waaaa! (It’s blurred because I took a picture of the developed photo. We weren’t allowed to take pictures upsatirs and since the Tree Top Adventure staff can, we just told them to take pictures of us.)


With my cousin (who’s facing the cam) for the Silver Surfer! This is my second ride! …Not bragging, but I’m proud to say that on my first ride and on this 2nd ride, I didn’t get scared. It was exciting and challenging XD


Fam 😀


Weeeeiiii~~~!! THE VILLAS!! It was so beautiful there!


Riding on a swing will never ever make you feel and remember that you’re old to experience it!


I didn’t know that in America there are signs that says only 16 years old and above people can dip in into jacuzzis but here in the Phil. (in my knowledge) I haven’t seen those kind of signs that’s why before my cousin Anica (in between) dipped in, she asked permission to her mom first! 🙂


Toddlers’ pool… I actually got to lay down here because I was so sleepy -.-


Lighthouse ♡



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Ignite 2013 Update

So! Ignite 2013 – Every Nation Asia Campus conference was great and it was a life-changing and fun experience! The astrodome was filled with 9, 600 youth worshippers who lifted their hands and surrendered their whole lives to Jesus. There were also delegates from China, Austria, Timor Leste, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan and Indonesia. The preaching of the pastors were so good and convicting!

c98f5672cb9211e29d0322000a1f97e3_7 With Ate Bianca and Ate Jean 😀


943402_4275947275255_179954599_n Behind story: When my sister goes to find her seat, she was surprised when an usher was blissfully leading her to the place where the delegates from Indonesia would be seating. She said to the usher, “Kuya -.- .” And that’s finally when the usher hit him that she wasn’t Indonesian. Haha 😀



The crowd was so energetic and wild in cheering for their local churches and their respective campuses!



1st day of Ignite 2013! …Lights? CHECK! ;D *Woohoo!*


970159_4275954355432_2095196607_n Hands raised in worship and surrender to God.

945743_4275982756142_422638217_nMy eldest sister with her co-campus mates (Emilio Aguinaldo College or EAC)

485616_4275992716391_656496211_n Lights!!! Isn’t it beautiful?!! Oh my gee! I just feel like I’m floating in space with the stars ♥♥♥


934807_4276003516661_578530226_n‘Cause the people behind those barricades are awesome~ G1! G1!


c6482c10cc5911e2948222000a1f9307_7Me, Kuya Cholo and Ate Bianca!!

JESUS!!! ♥♥♥

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