The ‘Index Card’ and ‘Notebook’ favor from God

September 14, 2012 | Friday

I went home from school and I was so sad, so depressed because my three Index Cars of Recitation (in English, Science and Filipino) were missing. I needed those because those are for additional grades and I’m afraid that my grades will decrease from the thought that it really should increase. I was finding it in places where those cards could possibly be but it just won’t appear to me until…… I thought of looking under my bed to see if it could be there and YAY!! The Index Cards were there all along! 😀 I shouted a not-so-loud-but-loud-enough shout of merriment and success of finding it and my grandfather (my mom’s father) went inside the room and asked what was the reason of my not-so-loud-but-loud-enough voice.

September 15, 2012 | Saturday (Make-up class)


My teacher assigned me on one of the first few days of school to be the one responsible of handling the Attendance Notebook of our class. Several weeks have passed and I thought of giving the responsibility to our Assistant Secretary (without telling my adviser) because I thought I wasn’t capable of the job because I always forget making the teachers sign in the notebook and I remember it when they’re finished with our class. A few days later I got it back from our Assistant Sec. to check if she was doing good with the work I have passed to her but I thought of having it back again because my adviser knows I’m the one who’s in hand of it, and originally, it’s my responsibility. 😐

The terrible part here was I (thought) lost the notebook. :0 I was terrified because I have one of the most crucial responsibility in our class. I lost it on a day when everyone was so busy practicing, doing cheers with steps, preparing a presentation to show for the Opening of the Intramural event.


My adviser asked me if I have found the Attendance Notebook. I shook my head no. Then she said she’ll go to the faculty room to check if it’s there in her table. When she came back (WOO! *relieved*) the notebook’s in her hand.

I was and am relieved and happy to know that it’s not lost. I’m a bit like – “What the-” because all the time I thought I’m the one who made it missing and the “last” one who held it. -.-

**Thank you Jesus for your grace and favor!



Biological Reflection Notebook: Accomplished (by the grace of God!)

July 30, 2012|Monday

It seemed so impossible for me to finish my project (Reflection Notebook) in Biology. Not only intelligence should be used here but also money for the materials to be bought for the project. What made me worried and nervous is the ‘money part’ because we’re having a financial problem but by the grace of God He provided for me and I was able to do it! I did the project for 5 hours! It made my shoulders and back hurt. It wasn’t totally accomplished. Drawings are still needed to be finished.

July 31, 2012|Tuesday

This day is the day of submitting our Reflection Notebook. In the morning at school, my classmates were asking me if they could see mine since we were all curious about one another’s project. I hesitated a little but showed them at the end. The sleepy and tired feeling faded because of their positive compliments like – “Cool!!”;”Wow! I can clearly see the effort poured out on this!!”;”Looks fine!” …WAAA!!! ALL GLORY TO GOD!! THANK YOU LORD!! X]]]


I continued doing the things that should be done, and truly accomplish it during our Recess time since our Biology meeting(s) is after Recess and Lunch.

…I also want you to see what my Reflection Notebook looks but unfortunately of course it’s in my teacher’s hands right now.


Why I excel? It’s because of Someone.

I love getting high grades! It makes me go…

Getting satisfactory or perfect grades feels and it is brilliant! …Whenever I’m in that kind of moment it’s VERY dangerous because it can lead to boastfulness and haughtiness but I really really thank God for His grace because His Holy Spirit reminds me that it’s because of Someone why I excel in my studies. Who’s that Someone? It is JESUS. 


  • the one who gives me grace, strength, knowledge, wisdom and understanding
  • who gives me hope and encouragement whenever I feel like giving up to answer/solve a certain problem
  • who deserves all the glory, honor, and praises

The compliments I get, it all goes back to Jesus because He’s the reason why. Not my own ability. Not me.

Well… not to brag but I also have the right to say that… I’m very proud (in a good way) of my achievements!! Thank you Lord! Yi-eah! ;D

Therefore, as it is written: “Let him who boasts boast in the Lord.” -1 Corinthians 1:31

A 2nd Year High School Lady’s 2nd Week of School

Math and I are getting along with each other but English and I aren’t. In our History subject we did a good job 🙂 in our role play-report about ‘The Scarborough Shoal standoff between China and the Philippines’. Thank you Jesus! I appreciate my group mates because even though they told me that they were nervous of their acting outcome, they did it and I know that in them and also in you there’s a great hidden ability.

A 2nd Year High school lady’s 1st week of school


Why awkward? Many acquaintances are around


Why confused? It was hard to make a report and at the same time I was lazy to do it that’s why it became a burden for me because I struggled with myself being lazy and at the same time I need to do the school work. By the grace of God the report is already finished. 🙂


Why worried? -For the outcome of our Role Play Report -Problems in our finances. God is amazing because he told me to pray for in Him there’s rest and peace, and He’s giving us provisions. Thank You Jesus for Your love and grace.

It’s been a tough week for me last week. Back to school, introduced myself for how many times, met new people, prepared a report for our History Subject, Math stuff, and a new school year. I didn’t use the internet for almost a week and I felt bad for it because I didn’t find time to entertain myself and blog.

Looking forward to what will happen this 2nd week. 😀