When I am anxious
I think of You
My mouth speaks of Your Name
My heart yearns to sing for You
You are my mind’s delight
My sigh of relief
The shoulder I rest upon
The hand that keeps me steady



There will come a time when everything seems like a mistake

A puzzle piece that misfits

A shattered glass that can’t be put back together


With all around you spinning round and round

Regrets come and pull out of you

Questions that were yesterday’s answer

On what you did

On that day

In that moment

It was perfect

It was meant for you


If it weren’t for yesterday, you wouldn’t be here today, would you?

Maybe if you weren’t back there then you could have arrived


Please don’t tell her it was a mistake

If it were

May the crossroads lead her to the right path


Please tell her that where she’s standing is where she should be now

May this be a portion of her great joy ahead