Hillsong Young & Free Live in Manila

Another night has ended and worshiping with Hillsong Young and Free was amazing! I’ve been so enthusiastic about them coming to Manila! I’m very engrossed with their fresh vibes, rad music ever since they produced their first album. Youth Revival, their 2nd album, was launched on February 2016 comprising 13 tracks and I really listen to it most of the time. Some of my favorites are ‘Trust’, ‘Falling Into You’ and ‘In Your Eyes’. #GuiltyPleasure XD  …Who wouldn’t want to listen to such songs?!! I’ve been singing and dancing with them through Spotify but last night I got to worship with them LIVE! 😀 The worship concert was incredible! I loved how they asserted the purpose and heart of Youth Revival. The concert being done, the music and the fans are all good but it isn’t about those. It is solely about Jesus and fulfillng the Great Commission. ❤

Personally I felt God’s presence ministering intimately. Pastor Peter Toggs, the youth pastor of Hillsong Church, interestingly shared about God and the fallen humanity. Starting off, he has encountered many young people who had experiences of going through a break-up and it felt like it’s the end of the world for them. He also whimsically shared the three types of how people tear up: the self-seeker (the one crying loudly to get the concern of others), the silent one and the hyperventilating one. XD Even Ptr. Peter experienced it when his girlfriend, who later apparently became his wife, broke up with him back then. (oh my they are so cute! was surprised to know Laura Toggs was already married! *yes, it didn’t show off she has a hubby* ^-^) He ran away, was angry and felt sad. With the said story, he related it to Genesis 3:1-9. When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, they ran away and hid because they were afraid. What did God do? He didn’t stayed in his place and got all furious but went near them and asked them where they are. God is so amazing, loving, compassionate and gentle. He never wanted us to be far away from Him that He was the one who initiated in fixing the greatest break-up of all time. We could never perform our way to God. Never. It is only through Jesus that we become a new, genuine and loved creation. We are flawed and imperfect yet loved and saved. ❤

I sang my heart off and danced hard for Jesus!! 😀 Thank you Hillsong Young & Free! 😀 Feel free to visit the Philippines again XD We’d be more than happy to see you~ 😀



I only wanna sing if I sing with everything, if I sing to You my King
I can’t imagine why I would do this all for hype ’cause it’s all to lift You high


Safe and Sound – Taylor Swift

The theme song of ‘The Hunger Games’. I want to watch the movie!! Well, I like this song. it’s pop and soft in sound. Taylor Swift is a very beautiful lady. Whenever I see her she’s a barbie doll. Not like barbie but a barbie. She’s the live Barbie *i think*. 🙂