1st of August 2016 | Monday


What I wanted was a spare life. Even if it’s just that. Yet You gave me a life to the full, a life giving out what it can and what I thought it can’t possibly give.

The rhythm of Your heart was too fast ringing through my ears, too wild to be restrained, too hard for me to comprehend. I placed my palms on the sides of my ears, feet pacing to and fro. But the sound I thought I regret hearing became the song of my mouth. I didn’t know what to say nor do. Babbles of a little child You heard from me but you laughed softly in delight, looked me in the eyes, and told me ‘It’s alright’. Taking hold of my hands, You placed it on your chest. Every beat, every pound, loud and hard, heavy yet steady.  You took me into Your light, revealed to me Your Words, drawn me to Your heart.

And I admit it was a beauty to see, sweet to smell and luscious to taste.

“For you my beloved, to you this I dedicate. My mind doesn’t rest thinking of you and my heart alive forever to keep beating for you.

From prattling and crawling then to singing and running. Patient You were in pursuing in the midst of my hiding. You gave me not a piece, not a leftover nor a part but You gave to me completely, entirely, fully Yourself.

I thank You and I love You.



Dedicated to Jesus ❤


(c) photo from tumblr


“I will search for you through a thousand worlds and ten thousand lifetimes until I find you.”


-Kai, 47 Ronin

Outside the Earth, in the vast universe with the stars

Where I am right now is like being in space, experiencing new journies and feeling things I haven’t before. And sometimes I see things clearly but sometimes it can be that I’m only seeing the surface and not what’s beyond the surface. But brushing those aside, it’s just… it’s just I’m feeling like falling into love. It feels light because of the zero gravity yet it is scary because of some parts that are black and blank. At the same time I see the stars beautifully shine… 


It’s nice and it makes me smile.

The feeling of falling in love is something we cannot simply tell to be easy


I thought that when two persons are falling in love with each other, it is pure immaturity, foolishness, and carelessness. That falling in love was an easy thing to deal with and because of it being that easy,  I wondered why people are so stupid that they get into it while it’s just a not-important part of life especially during High School days.

I thought love was an easy thing to deal with. That it’s easy to say ‘No’ to someone who likes you but you don’t… The question here is: What if you also like the person back? Will that be easy to decline?  Will I be able to say that love is easy?

We can’t truly explain what and how falling in love is unless we get to experience of really being there.

What I am saying here is that, it’s hard to fall in love back with a person especially when it’s not the right time and he’s not the right one. 😐


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