When I am anxious
I think of You
My mouth speaks of Your Name
My heart yearns to sing for You
You are my mind’s delight
My sigh of relief
The shoulder I rest upon
The hand that keeps me steady



There will come a time when everything seems like a mistake

A puzzle piece that misfits

A shattered glass that can’t be put back together


With all around you spinning round and round

Regrets come and pull out of you

Questions that were yesterday’s answer

On what you did

On that day

In that moment

It was perfect

It was meant for you


If it weren’t for yesterday, you wouldn’t be here today, would you?

Maybe if you weren’t back there then you could have arrived


Please don’t tell her it was a mistake

If it were

May the crossroads lead her to the right path


Please tell her that where she’s standing is where she should be now

May this be a portion of her great joy ahead

Prayer and Fasting 2018

My heart is full and dancing in joy because of God’s great love! For the past five days, our church had an annual Prayer and Fasting – a posture of humility and dependence on God before anything else as the year starts.

“In Christ” is the theme of this year’s Fasting wherein we studied the book of Ephesians. The Book of Ephesians tells of our new identity in Christ and the life we are to live as Christians. It’s amazing how I learned that in Jesus Christ, we are blessed with every spiritual blessing, sons and daughters, chosen, forgiven, lavished with grace and sealed with the Holy Spirit. Who we believe ourselves to be will determine our actions. And this is who we are in Christ – we are loved and victorious thus we can face everyday with a confident and unshaken heart. We’ll encounter hardships this year but because God is with us (Emmanuel), we won’t falter. We hold on in His Word so we can stand firm!

I’m so grateful that I have encountered the Lord for the past five days of Prayer and Fasting ❤ And these encounters will grow as I continue to seek Him everyday!

I’d like to share to you my top 3 faith goals for the year:

  1. Spiritual revival and to experience God anew
  2. Provision for my daily needs (especially in school)
  3. To travel abroad with my family ^_^


Let’s seek Him for the rest of 2018 and be in faith that God hears our prayers! Don’t close your eyes for breakthroughs are coming!


When one is much

I’ll write and doodle down on my journal, watch Sherlock then sleep.

This is the thought I had one night and how hoped I could do all of it in the remaining few hours of the day. They are doable but sometimes they can’t seem to fit and be accomplished in a given time.

The moon and sun are set in place. They rise up and fall asleep, hide behind the clouds then show up and they mark the earth’s seasons. Our activities can be the same. There are those that are meant to be done today or tomorrow at a proper time and place. This is comforting because it means I can enjoy doing my activities and set them one by one without fretting over time. It’s more fulfilling to gradually do one or two activities than scurrying to do so much without the intake of every bit of the moment! 😊

“He made the moon to mark the seasons; the sun knows its time for setting.” -Psalm 104:19


Sakura Unicorn Milkshake

Anything unicorn, rainbow and colorful catches my attention. That’s why I went gaga over Tokyo Bubble Tea’s Sakura Unicorn Milkshake!

(c) Tokyo Bubble Tea Facebook page

I ordered Taro at Tokyo Bubble Tea SM North EDSA. I loved the presentation of the sweet milkshake. It’s topped with ice cream and “unicorn horn” candy which made it really adorable! Plus, the sweet & salty bubble gum taste of the cotton candy cream added flavor to the drink. ❤️

So cute! 😊


Find your way to the nearest Tokyo Bubble Tea branch through this link that you too might taste the magic! 🦄🌈

2017 Positive Planner

Hello there! Recently, I bought a planner and I’m hyped about it! Yes, even though I knew it was March, I still went for it because my brain can’t take organizing things on its own. 😂

This is the planner that I bought:


2017 Daily Interact Certified Positive Planner

As the name states, positivity and motivation beam off the planner. It includes encouraging quotes, memory verses, featured testimonies, stickers and mini postcards! It’s more interesting  because it has not only personal goals but also spiritual goals pages which would greatly help with and remind me of my growth in God. ❤️ I also like the ‘Savings Goal’ page because I’m urged to save and to know what I am to do with my savings. 😁😆  #GoodStewardship #MoneyGoalz




His Words and promises that are sweeter than honey ^-^


Shade a portion of ’em bamboos each time you achieve your goal!





Yup! These stickers are not part of the planner. Haha. Bought them for design ❤

I really enjoy scribbling down stuff on my planner! It’s a leisure for me and recording my day would remind me of how my 2017 life’s going. 😊 This planner is a tool of encouragement and I’m excited how these pages would slowly be filled with great adventures! 😊





Planner price: 589 pesos (from National Bookstore)