New Place of Wonder

July 28, 2018 | 8:26 am
Morning thoughts

I’m not really good with change. Being in a new place makes me feel the flutterflies (fluttering butterlies) in my stomach. A new place is unpredictable and it makes me feel uncomfortable but there are places that cannot be discovered if I don’t step in it. It will always remain unknown and scary. There’s no other way but to go there and step my foot on the ground, meet someone who’s been always on that place just like when the Little Prince did as he traveled different planets. It’s good to have a childlike character of curiosity as I go out. In a child’s shoes is a world full of wonders, transforming into something that is always new and unique. In these footsteps I am taking, I should be excited for the new place of wonder. The destination always matters because if it is a place of nourishment and growth, my feet would always come to it. ❤️


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