South Korea 2017: Everland

Everland is known as the largest amusement park in South Korea. A fun, clean and friendly outdoor park available for both kids and adults comprising of five themed zones – Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure and Zootopia – would surely make you pumped up! The theme park is a wonderful venue for  educational purposes and spending quality time with your friends, lover or family.

My mom booked a tour through The voucher included the roundtrip transfer, Everland one-day pass ticket and English speaking staff. It was convenient since we received the tickets without lining up. 😀

We went on a Monday, 30th of October. It was not crowded and the weather was chilly.

_DSC0065 _DSC0069

Impressive halloween designs – jack-o’-lanterns and eerie props greeted us. Aside from the halloween decors, flowers of various kinds bloomed and showed off their vibrant colors! It was a beautiful sight under a cold sunny day.  ☺️ And you may want to have a prosthetic halloween makeup done (not for free) before going around?

_DSC0073 _DSC0078
_DSC0192 _DSC0195

There are good stuff to be shopped. For those who are into pens and highlighters, there’s Monami store so prepare money. 😉

_DSC0076 _DSC0221
IMG_1508 IMG_1507

My mom was so excited to see the Pandas so we went first to Zootopia which include Panda World, Lost Valley Safari Adventure, etc. It was amazing to have a close encounter with pandas, rhinoceros, penguins, seals and much more!

_DSC0115 _DSC0132


Sun bathing

_DSC0180And when I say close, it’s not just this close…


…it’s this close.


Now, who wouldn’t miss one of the world’s steepest wooden roller coaster? I was frightened enough not to ride but I didn’t want any regrets of not being able to so I went for T-express!! We lined up at lunch time around 12pm and it took us an hour to have a ride. There were many people in line during that time but not so much when we passed by T-express in the afternoon at maybe about 4pm.

I didn’t feel very nervous (for a moment) while waiting in line because thankfully my sleepiness felt much stronger haha. I suggest that you don’t eat before riding T-express because it might cause you to feel nauseous.

IMG_1524 IMG_1529

I closed my eyes at the first drop!! THE FEELING WAS LEGIT. It felt like I was going to puke out my organs! 🤢 Towards the latter part I managed to open my eyes and raise my arms 🤗

Everland side story

There was this good-looking oppa who was alone. He sat in front of us (and I wanted to ditch my sister so I can seat beside him lol). After the ride, we noticed he was wiping his eyes and immediately exited. Three possible reasons:

    1. He broke up with his yojachingu (girlfriend)
    2. Tears of joy or tears of fear
    3. Something went in his eyes

But we really think it’s reason #1!! Don’t cry anymore oppa!! There’s someone better for you! *watch out for me lol* ~~



I will never be too old to ride a carousel 💕

_DSC0211 _DSC0226 _DSC0318

Various food stalls are of reach whenever hunger strikes. We ate at KFC and sadly they don’t have rice. 😢 Hashtag Filipino Probs. Nevertheless, fries compensated for it hehe. They also have food stalls that sell churros, coffee, ice cream, coolers, etc. Evermart which is similar to 7-eleven is available outside of the main theme park and re-entry is allowed. We didn’t get to know about this until we got home. 🤔

_DSC0210 _DSC0213 _DSC0313

Before night came, we took the opportunity to go to Rose Garden. This spot is Instagrammable, friends. 💖

_DSC0263 _DSC0271 _DSC0276

The night surely lit up. 🙂 It also became very cold. The sweaters and scarves we had weren’t enough to keep us warm but thankfully we bought hot packs. So make sure to bring with you enough warmers like gloves and thick jackets. What I know is that Everland is located at a high place that’s why it’s chilly moreover during the evenings.


Zombie dance show



Float parade


Pyromusical and fountain show

I enjoyed Everland! Magic Garden and Zootopia were my favorites. I also liked that the place was kept clean and the staff were helpful with the directions. 😊


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