2017 Positive Planner

Hello there! Recently, I bought a planner and I’m hyped about it! Yes, even though I knew it was March, I still went for it because my brain can’t take organizing things on its own. 😂

This is the planner that I bought:


2017 Daily Interact Certified Positive Planner

As the name states, positivity and motivation beam off the planner. It includes encouraging quotes, memory verses, featured testimonies, stickers and mini postcards! It’s more interesting  because it has not only personal goals but also spiritual goals pages which would greatly help with and remind me of my growth in God. ❤️ I also like the ‘Savings Goal’ page because I’m urged to save and to know what I am to do with my savings. 😁😆  #GoodStewardship #MoneyGoalz




His Words and promises that are sweeter than honey ^-^


Shade a portion of ’em bamboos each time you achieve your goal!





Yup! These stickers are not part of the planner. Haha. Bought them for design ❤

I really enjoy scribbling down stuff on my planner! It’s a leisure for me and recording my day would remind me of how my 2017 life’s going. 😊 This planner is a tool of encouragement and I’m excited how these pages would slowly be filled with great adventures! 😊





Planner price: 589 pesos (from National Bookstore)


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