Overlooking the Present

IMG_6391.JPGThere are characters of mine that I would want to improve on – humility, patience, self-control, etc. And that, which I believe, is preceded by change. But then I came to realize that in desiring so much of whom I want to be (“the improved Sam”), I tend to overlook the present. I focused on whom I could become rather than what I should be doing in being the person I desire to be. My prayer often went “Lord, I pray that I’d be like this and that” or “Please make me like this and that” but it would turn out futile if it’s contrary to my actions because if so, I’ll never be the person whom I envisioned myself to be. Having a vision of what’s ahead is essential to be able to know your goal and where you’re going. Moreover, identifying what should be changed, having plans on what should be done and having the willingness to change would be more ideal and effective. As I continually see the words written in permanent stains of ink on every page this year has, I pray that I would grow in little and simple ways that would impact my life: to know God by being hungry for His Word and having my devotions every day, to be an excellent student by motivating myself (in passion and in joy) to study, to be a brave person by allowing myself to walk on water and trust God’s character in whatever situation I am in and to be a lady who pursues God’s heart by letting go of the temporary things for the eternal and by denying every self-will for God’s will. This is possible only by His grace. ❤ Also one thing that God has impressed to me, that no matter how fast people are growing around you and we seemingly feel like being left down the road, every step of ours is different from theirs. God knows what He is doing in our lives and He is at work! What’s most important is learning and enjoying the journey. 🙂


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