December 29, 2016 | Thursday

I may not have been much aware of the fun it brings nor recognized the magic it has but after 6 to 8 years, I’m back at it. πŸ˜‰


I was very excited when we, together with our church’s staff and their family members, got to Enchanted Kingdom (EK). We were greeted by the amusement park’s song which sang “I love EK!~” I was hyped with the fact that I’m going to be experiencing all of these without forgetting (since I was younger when I first went) and was also curious since there were new inviting rides.

I, with my buddies Ate Gia, Kuya Aldrin, Ate Bianca, Ate Justine, Kuya Richie and Francis went around. No moment was wasted at the time we entered the place. First stop: Flying Fiesta. The first time I tried to ride here made me sad because only 3-4 feet people were allowed. 😦 But now I passed through without being measured in height. Hahaha πŸ˜‚


Bringing extra clothes got us covered as we decided to go for Rio Grande. Before, my Achi Bianca rode this over and over again that she was in almost all of the photos of every family that rode. No kidding.

No water that ran down on our skin and that dripped from our clothes prevented us from going to the next ride which was Disk-O-Magic. I think Hillsong’s “Touch the Sky” should be added in their song playlist because I almost got to touch the sky when we were brought at opposite ends of the the curve. XD


We took a break first and dried ourselves and shoes from being drenched. πŸ™‚ EK people were nice because they didn’t take our shoes which were under the heat of the sun. X)


Bare feet

Eating an ice cream and having a cold drink is always nice to relieve dizziness. πŸ™‚


Refreshed from a break, my companions and I went to the ever famous Space Shuttle!! I was happy to be greeted by the spaceman/astronaut near the entrance. Ahoy! *Do astronauts have a special greeting? lol*


Holding hands



My heart was pounding hard and I shamelessly screamed my lungs out… while waiting in line. YES I WAS THAT NERVOUS! Thank You, Lord, for sustaining me! Huhu. Hahaha. It was a fleeting-floating ride. It was like trying to understand things but you just couldn’t. Haha. I liked it when the roller coaster moved backwards since I got to feel my seat behind more than it was moving forward. XD My energy was sucked out after riding Space Shuttle. Hunger and sleepiness fell on me. Bed please!


Now for the last but not the least (emphasis on ‘not the least’) ride we went to was EKstreme Tower. I heard from my eldest sister that when they were dropped from the highest point, they felt like their soul was left mid air. She said it was like having a touch of heaven. I didn’t really thought of what she said about it but a gradual unveiling of understanding happened when I saw EKstreme Tower. Folks, the height of the tower was no joke! I thought it was not that high but it was. When some of us were in line, I was feeling SO tired and sleepy. I actually didn’t know what to feel or react because I felt I had no more energy to react from all the screaming I did. XD My companions urged and encouraged me many times whenever I tried to back out because honestly, I was very scared. One of the things that made me stay was when they, from time to time, pointed out the elementary kids who rode. …If they can, I can! XD

After almost an hour, I sat on and secured my place. I screamed as many times as I can and forced myself to think that “Hey, the scene up here is so beautiful!” and before I knew it, free fall happened. I was SO shocked with what happen.


It was a moment you are at a point of saying something but then you got-


cut off.


The perfect emoji which resembled my face after the drop

A portion of my body went numb from my head to my knees. It was embarrassing because first, of my lit reaction and second, I literally freaked out so much after the ride. πŸ’”

Extreme indeed.

But of course this is my personal experience and we all have different takes on the ride or what it really is. There’s no telling without even trying. Definitely recommendable and at the same time, do ride at your own choice and risk, dear readers. πŸ™‚

After eating dinner, the day ended with EK’s night show where different circus people paraded and danced with their colorful, glowing and lighted costumes, and with the pretty fireworks display. I was happy to see the cute, green dino mascot and Elder the wizard. ❀️




The magic surely stayed with me. πŸ™‚ What an EKsperience!


EK Gallery




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