Salutations! Hello everyone, hello to y-o-u! I’m back from a terrific yet furious semester *le cries tears of joy* Today is the 3rd official day of my Semestral/Christmas break and I feel blissful! But at the same time, why do I feel so unproductive? Huhu and it’s because I’ve done nothing except to sleep, eat, use the internet, sleep again, lay down on my bed haha. Well, I guess I’m being hard on myself. I DESERVE THIS! haha.

It’s a rainy day and it’s perfect being cozy under my blanky ❤ I’m finished reading E.B. White’s “Charlotte’s Web”. A heartwarming story of friendship indeed. And as I was on the last chapter, I remembered a close friend of mine who is loyal and a good writer just like Charlotte 🙂 If you’re  friend of mine who’s reading this, it’s up to you if you think I refer to you. lol. I loved how E.B. White described the farm, he really gave vivid images of the story especially the farm setting 🙂

Aside from reading Charlotte’s Web, guess what??? I’m listening to Moana soundtrack and I’m in love with it!! ❤ My top 3 faves are (1) How Far I’ll Go, (2) We Know The Way, and (3) I Am Moana. I searched for the lyrics of We Know The Way and following the lyrics was a struggle but it has always been interesting to sing a song in another language though it makes my tongue twist. It’s an achievement if you’ve got to sing that just like singing a very fast rap song XD I’ve also looked up on South Pacific and its people and watched behind the scenes videos of Moana. I’m amazed with the skills of the people making an animated movie from the drawings, voice artists and music :”) Good job people of Moana ❤

If you haven’t listened to the soundtrack of Moana, please do so! ❤


Aue aue~~~




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