What it’s Like Living in a Dorm (Pros and Cons)

Disclaimer: Personal experience. This is in my case so… 🙂

Two weeks have passed since I started living in a dormitory and today I want to share to you my experiences & thoughts about it. 🙂

I’m slowly getting used to living apart from home yahoooo. I’m loving my pink bed, pink fluffy pillows and the cold air-conditioned room X) My roommates are all nice and pretty *thanks so much for sharing with me your wi-fi!!* ^_^ Hihi. Even though it’s a tough adjustment for me to being independent considering that I’m used with my family helping and taking care of me on a daily basis, I’m grateful for my Heavenly Dad, God, who’s super supportive, loving and caring. :”) He never fails to always comfort and secure me ❤ :’)

Going back on my first week of stay, it wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. I actually got bored because there were no school works to do yet because obviously school has just started, no TV and no wi-fi. …WHAT?! NO WI-FI?!! We do have wi-fi but it’s only available in the lobby. You can’t expect me to go down several floors everyday, right?  I did try connecting with the internet twice using my laptop but I don’t know why it couldn’t. 😦 *It was for a temporary time though. XD We currently have our personal internet broadband. Hurrah!* Also, I got a little bit homesick but no, I didn’t cry. Fortunately. Haha. There was also a time where I felt sad because I was alone in the room when I woke up from a nap so I get to spend dinner by myself. Ugh.


All by myself~ Don’t want to be all by myself~~ XD


Here are some Dorm Pros and Cons that I made. *Tadaaa!* 😀



  • Convenience in going to school (especially if you have morning classes. At times I wake up 30 mins before class starts haha)
  • More opportunities in joining extracurricular activities
  • More time to study… and to slack off hahaha
  • Meet new people (your roommates specifically)
  • Conserve energy physically
  • Less stress/worries
  • Have a calm heart and a peaceful conscience to spend an hour or so with your friends after your 4pm class ’cause the stressful Manila traffic is ahead of you when 5pm strikes (unless you are a martyr/warrior) XD
  • Save money (still learning how to budget though XD )
  • More time to sleeeeep~~ ❤



  • Missing the comforts of home, your hometown
  • Missing your awesome fam
  • Boredom will hit you hard if you don’t have internet connection, TV or anything to keep you busy. *WI-FI IS IMPORTANT!*
  • Budgeting your money (expenses are high especially if you’re dorm doesn’t provide food)



There you have it! I hope it gave you a view of what it’s like living in a dorm especially if you’re wondering what the dorm life is, or if you’re planning to whether or not live near your campus. It may be quite challenging at the start but it’s good learning how to become more independent and become more responsible. 🙂



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