Moving in

July 18 | Monday

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1 week more before the day of our enrollment (Thank You Lord I get to be a 2nd Year College student) and of moving into my new dorm! Yes, I’m gonna be living in a dorm with


                  just an illustration ^^

3 girl roomies (roommates)!!! I’ve waited for this time since it was really my plan to move in last May but there was a miscommunication with the dormitory we we’re negotiating with so… and my dorm (different from the former) that’s going to be my “home” is just behind the university and it is good that it’s near the Medicine building (a 5-minute walk). Meaning I can rise from my bed 30 minutes before my class. No, just kidding. I can’t because I’m slow in preparing myself in going to school so I should be up an hour before (or maybe 45 minutes). XD PLUS it’d be really REALLY convenient now. No more 1 to 2-hour commute and less of getting easily drained. 😥 😊


                         dorm bed goals

I also made a practical checklist of what to bring and I’m pumped up with bringing stuff and designing my dorm bed into something like this:

…Actually I already bought a really nice blue-striped cloth and a soft pink colored veil-type of linen which I’m going to use as curtains 😅😄 Gonna give it a shot because it’s gonna be so nice to have it and I feel like a princess with it especially if the curtains are tied to the sides ❤ hihi

An independent life! Lol. Haha. Well, yeah. I have to stand on my own feet now that my mom wouldn’t be around. 😦 Yet I’m excited what “The Dorm Life” is and how it goes. Hope it doesn’t suck. My dormmate, who is also my churchmate, said that on the first week there’s a high probability that I’ll feel homesick and cry at the corner of my bed wanting to go home because she did. Oh, how I hate of yearning for the feeling of “comfy home” in a place aka the feeling of being unsafe, uneasy.

I’m thinking that I should ask my friends who are dorm tenants to tour me around the streets near the school and to give me tips on how to successfully live the dorm life. 😂☺

May it go well with me.


Hey I made my own blog signature!! ❤ This is a first 😀


2 thoughts on “Moving in

    • Belle dame says:

      Hi Mrs. O! 😊 I used the app ‘Signature Maker’ downloaded on my Galaxy note tab. ‘Twas easy for me to make my original blog signature through the use of the tab’s pen (which made it more natural looking since it was like using a real pen on a paper). I know there are lots of online signature maker on the web but it’ll not be as decent/natural as you think it might be (if you’re using a normal desktop/laptop). But if you’re using a MacBook, I remember that you can use its brilliant Trackpad. 😄

      MacBook Trackpad:

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