What I Clamored for

It’s officially my summer break.

I call it official after knowing that I don’t have a bleeding grade of 5 (a failing mark).


*sigh of relief*

Actually I was really on the verge of falling off. Yes, I was. On two of the subjects that I love – Physics and Math. But I made it! *le cries* I really thank God for His faithfulness in all of those painful stuff that I came up to since the moment I learned that I failed those two subjects on our 1st shifting. I remember that time when I didn’t get to hold back my tears anymore, I broke down in front of my friends and cried so much but they encouraged me all the more and even made up jokes just to make me laugh. ❤ I love them so much ❤ And my family who, instead of getting angry, showed empathy and asked what I needed for support. My sister kept telling me “Hey, do your best and don’t enter summer classes! >:/” She’s confident with her statement because she and my eldest sister may have low grades but they never ended up with a failing a subject. *I’m not boasting, just saying* And yeah… I guess I have to kind of keep up with them haha 🙂

One thing I must latch onto: Take every oppurtunity and give your best in all aspects.

I have to admit I loosened up myself too much where I thought I would still be able to pass since I made it throught the last semester, but no. Not because it happened to you in the past doesn’t mean it’ll happen to you the same way again.

Yesterday, June 1, I had the nicest uninterrupted 12-hour sleep after our second semester. ❤ More sleeping time to come~