“Bakit sila pwede?”

May 13, 2016 | Friday

At late morning, while riding a UV going to school there were people to be dropped off at MRT Highway Quezon Avenue but one of the passengers didn’t want to step off the UV because for him/her, it was far from the overpass. Here’s the conversation between the passenger and the driver:

Driver: O mga Highway dyan.

Passenger: *didn’t budge* …Kuya, pwede po bandang doon? Masyado pa po kasing malayo eh. (in a demanding tone)

Driver: Dito na lang po bawal po dun kasi may nanghuhuli.

Passenger: Eh masyado pa po kasing malayo.

Driver: Bawal nga po dun. Baka mahuli tayo. (in a calm tone)

Passenger: Eh kuya, bakit sila (the people dropping off near the overpass) pwede???

Then the passenger, out of irritation, stepped out of the vehicle anyway and didn’t even bother to close the car door.

“Bakit sila pwede??”

Bakit sila pwedeng bumaba sa hindi naman dapat pagbabaan? Bakit sila pwedeng magtapon ng basura sa hindi naman dapat pagtapunan? Bakit sila pwedeng tumawid sa hindi naman tawiran? Kung sila pwede, edi ako din pwede… 

Overtly, there are people who do prohibited things but are still uncaught for doing such and sometimes we tend to compare ourselves to them, having the justification to do the same thing since no bad thing has happened to them yet. It shouldn’t be like that. We should comply with the country’s rules to be in the safe and assured side.

It isn’t easy to change especially when we are used to convenience. “It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar…” said by Alan Cohen. As we desire for a more developed Philippines, let’s be disciplined Filipinos, and it is feasible if we would cooperate and exert effort to abide by the laws of our country.