Volunteered to Intercede

March 5, 2016 | Saturday

A time for lifting up prayers, listening to the Father, serving and interceding for the event and God’s people.


Pamilee ❤ (c) John Biron

It was my first time to volunteer, and being part of the Intercessory Team/family at Charge: Discipleship 2016 was a great privilege and an amazing experience. It was overwhelming how God revealed so much of Himself to me during the whole event. I’ve also met many brilliant people with great passion for God. One of them was Tita Lulu, my partner in prayer when we were split into pairs. I admire her warm-heartedness, humility and child-like faith. I saw it simply in the way she was telling her Ten Days mission trip to Laos where God has shown her the things she has been praying for. I find her personality adorable because every time she realizes God’s work, she can’t help but burst into joyful tears! 😄


Intercessory peeps with Ate Brenda (the one in gray top) …and oh! that’s Tita Lulu beside me (2nd from the left) 🙂


With Loisie my buddie

The team gathered in a room to ardently seek God. We were momentously ministered as Ptr. Sky shared Mark 1:11 before going in the main arena.

And a voice came from heaven: “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.”

From the verse we can see three things: God’s affirmation of identity, security and significance towards Jesus.

In the same way, God is also affirming us as sons and daughters that we are legitimate children who have a fatherly relationship with Him, His beloved that are protected under His wings and are significant to Him that we don’t have to perform good works just for us to be accepted by Him. We are His own children who have received the Spirit of sonship and not of slavery (Romans 8:15). That’s why in God, through Christ, we are righteous and made worthy.

God’s word struck my heart deeply because I know in myself that I was in a place of doubting the girl God created me to be yet He’s so patient to remind me of who I am to Him – His royal, beloved and beautiful daughter who has an unchangeable destiny ❤



Finally when we went in the event’s grounds, I felt the battle waging on! I felt like I was a warrior going out of my zone and heading to war! …Well, I guess I really am 😉



We specifically prayed for favor in every ministry, protection and for God to have His way in people, for the latter to focus on and encounter Him and be filled with the Holy Spirit.  It was surprisingly amazing how we were greatly ministered by God and at the same time praying (how awesome could that be!) while the event is on-going with the leaders and interns being ministered as well in the main arena. 👌


10,000 Victory group leaders and interns gathered at MOA arena being charged up by the Holy Spirit! (c) victory.org.ph

Prayer is a very powerful tool in whatever circumstances we may be. For in times we pray, we humble ourselves to Him, seeking His good, pleasing and perfect will. We also allow His Spirit to help us in what to pray for and to be in faith as we raise to Him our thanksgiving and requests. Prayer is not an emergency option but instead it is an essential and necessary act for us to do day by day. When we pray, we become in tuned to His voice, our spiritual ears are being trained to hear His still voice and to be sensitive in the words He tells us, may it be words of inspiration for us or His church. For as we do one of the things that’s in the heart of God, and that is praying which Jesus himself did and loved to do as we’ve read in the Scriptures, we speak and exercise life, faith and encouragement as we intercede.

Proverbs 11:25 says

“A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”

I, indeed, was refreshed. God heightened up my faith – no fear, no doubts, as I pray knowing He answers prayers that are according to His wonderful will.

I hope that each day, let’s not miss to pray because Prayer works since God hears us and will do things on our behalf by way of becoming dependent on Him in every single way.


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