Page 19 of 366 (2016)

January 19, 2016 | Tuesday

The 2nd semester for my 1st year has begun yesterday. I had a great day actually. First thing in the morning, I enrolled and thank God for He has provided ❤ God’s such a promise-keeper ❤ At the same time it was the 19th birthday of my friend and she treated us outside to eat so I didn’t get to pay for my meal for the day 😀 Yahoooo haha. Then in the afternoon we met our professors in Physics and Logic, and I think things will get interesting X))

Today, I’m a bit bothered because I think I got 0 for my first graded recitation in Logic. Yes, a “10 or 0” graded recitation for your 2nd meeting. -.- Oh, Philosophy! -_-  But when I went home my sister bought me new shoes from F21 and I ate Adobo (which I craved for for 4 days) when I got home. ❤  Meanwhile, my family and I are also excited for what’s ahead because it’s going to be my eldest sister’s wedding on April, my 2nd eldest’s college graduation on April AND we are also planning to go to South Korea this June ❤

Let’s do this! 


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