Fifteen for 2015

I’m truly grateful for all the things that has happened to me this year. 🙂 God has bought me to new places and He also opened my eyes to the vastness of who He is and who I am as His’. Before 2015 leaves, down below is my list of the top 15 things that has happened to me this year to which I’m most grateful for to God. Definitely we have so much to be thankful for but I’d like to list down only Fifteen for 2015 🙂

  1. Jesus ❤
  2. Graduated 4th Year High School with flying colours
  3. Went to beautiful Ilocos for summer vacay ❤
  4. Reconsidered at UST with my chosen course (BS Speech-Language Pathology)
  5. Got to enrol for first semester!!
  6. Great college friends
  7. Started exhorting at church 🙂
  8. My best friends, Jamie and Geib, came to know Jesus in their lives and are currently having their time growing on their relationship with Him ❤
  9. Built new friendships with amazing people at church and in school
  10. My lovely church leader, Ate Joy, for unfailingly loving me and correcting me to be the best woman of God I can be
  11. My very amazing family
  12. Ignite 2015
  13. Having new makeup products and learning to put them on 😀 (more on 2016!)
  14. Dudettes (Angel, Faye, Pauline and Danny) for the amazing moments
  15. How God helped me cope up and adapt to the changes I had in my life


Happy New Year everyone! Let’s be grateful for 2015 and be hopeful for 2016! *cheers*

What are you thankful for this 2015?


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