Paskuhan 2015 (plus Paskuhan tips)


Photo by UST

Last December 18, Friday, UST held their renowned annual tradition, Paskuhan. It is an event where the university celebrates Christmas season during the last week or last day of the 1st semester before Christmas break. It was my first time to attend Paskuhan and it was a good and fun experience. 🙂 I went with my high school friend, Faye, and we got to  enjoy the booths (there were many by the way) and free food that was exclusive for the Thomasian community which was great because we didn’t get to spend money as we’ve expected (thank you UST ♥). X)


Kopiko endorsers XD



USTxSlurpee …The colourful designed bus was pretty nice 🙂

UST for the first time featured a 3D video projection mapping on the  facade of the Main Building which was being done every hour for 3-5 minutes. Their major sponsor was Panasonic. We had a good view of the video projection since we were just in front of the viewing area. It was awesome!


Side story: After the 3D video projection, we decided to go to the carpark but it was a bad choice of ours to go immediately after the show because MANY MANY people went to that direction at the same time so we got stuck and Faye was feeling suffocated which made me a bit alarmed because what if she fainted right there?! I was really bothered by the weather and the crowd PLUS Faye was suffocating so we were really pushing our way through. AGHH.

While waiting for the fireworks, we talked about our crazy college experiences – our course, subjects and professors. 🙂 I missed Faye so much. 🙂 Actually, we should have been with our 3 other friends but they weren’t available :/


Faye and I at the field while waiting for the fireworks show to start.



Paskuhan ended with a very beautiful fireworks show at 9pm! It was worth the wait. 😀



Photo by Vincent Tanching


Here are a few #Paskuhan Tips that I made for you 😉

  • Attend with your friend/s ❤
  • Explore and have fun with the booths 😀 Go and try them all out. Don’t miss the freebies 🙂
  • If a certain show is over, don’t immediately exit your way. Wait for several minutes so people would lessen unless you want to experience our side story.
  • Don’t forget to bring your umbrella!
  • Have patience. :3 hehe
  • Bring a mat, newspaper, manila paper or a blanket for you to sit on at the open field, Lover’s lane, or any place worth sitting at since seats at UST become occupied starting 5pm.


Credits to Faye for the photos with no caption! Check out her dauntless blog 🙂