First Sem Break Mode: ON



It’s a relief now that we’re gonna have our one month break from the sleepless nights and Zoology. And speaking of Zoology, we had our laboratory and lecture exams and man, it was hxosnsoakxp hard. Yes. I couldn’t really articulate it. It was hard! Particularly our lecture exam! I didn’t know where my professor got the questions until someone said the questions were from the book while she said she’ll be getting from the PowerPoint slides we had discussed. Wow thank you for that -__- While having the exam, I wasn’t so sure why I was still there. Haha. It was like answering with my eyes closed. XD

After the exams my friend Jona and I were like


We screamed at the top of our lungs because it was surprisingly difficult!

Moving on we just ate at Wing Vibe and as much as possible prevented ourselves from speaking about our final exams. Haha.


Meet my college friends – (right starting from the back) Jona, Aliana, Kathlyn, (left starting in front) Regina and Kynna.


Happy Ho ho holidays everyone!


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