So This Is College


College—where study life is loose and easy. Or so I thought. It’s not. College life is hard. It is where we go to high school raised to the nth power. How’s that? Loaded with so much school work that’ll result to sleepless nights and a “weekday-weekend.” It’s a drastic transition for me from HS to college. Social and academic pressures are apparent and greatly felt, my time management skills are also being tested (which I’m currently working on). The environment is also different because I get to interact with diverse people-both students and teachers and eventually I have to open up to such. It wasn’t easy and comfortable because you get to find new friends and be out of your comfort zone. Whenever I’m with my new college friends, I usually tend to remember my high school friends and imagine that what if they were here with me and what would their reaction be if they’re in the same kind of situation as I am but that can’t happen because our colleges are all separated. No matter how I try to bring back what was left behind, it’s all behind me and I just gotta move on, only bringing the memories that I had.

Waking up to each day, I require myself to open up to the new things which I haven’t been used to because if I don’t I’ll get screwed and isolated in the end and even if I don’t want to, I should. I must. It’s not easy to start over but what’s good about this is that I have a new beginning to accomplish what wasn’t. I’m still in the process of getting used to what I’m doing and it’s a good thing that I’ve come to realize that I shouldn’t complain and wish that things should somehow be like this and that but wholeheartedly accept that I’m in a new realm and that I should love and be used with what I’m studying because I’m gonna be doing this for the next 4 years of my life. I wished that I didn’t have to go through being a college freshman and be in awkward, alien situations… but that’s lame, yeah, everyone goes through it. It’s another fresh season that I’m given.

I’m in the 2nd month of my first year and I’m doing well 🙂 Our first shifting has ended and I’ve receive a few of my grades. They’re good 🙂 But I’m still praying that I’ll get a 2.5 grade and above in Math DX I’m actually having a hard time dealing with numbers. I’m frustrated with it! It’s been hunting me down since high school and it hasn’t stopped in doing so. Ugh. Yes, I need numbers for me to count my allowance and my future wage but that just includes basic math and not algebra. X/ 🙂 I told my best friend about this and she told me that I can do this, that I’m the Sam who won’t give up. And she’s right. I can do this! I’m the Sam who won’t give up! LET’S DO THIS!! bring it on Math and college life!! Lol. X) Thank God that he’s my strength all along because starting from the very first day of school and when I’m attending church for the youth service every Fridays,, I can’t help but to cry to God that I’m physically and emotionally tired but He keeps reminding me that it’s going to be okay, He loves me and that He’s got a purpose for me that’s why I’m in UST. It’s crucial but it’ll pull through. 🙂

Shake it off~~