Earlier today at noon, my sister and I went to the university to enroll and when we got off the FX (a public utility vehicle), I realized I forgot the envelope I was holding which contained a few important documents. 😐 I was SO startled, I started running after the FX. It was a San Cai and Dao Ming Si bus chase moment, hopeful and heartbreaking. 😡😱

(was literally like this girl)

(was literally like this)

I didn’t get to retrieve it but then we got to process again the papers for a short time (Wooh! Thank you Lord). I printed another copy of the paper to be signed by our Department chairman and she signed it! (omg huhu *cries*)Β πŸ˜… It was kinda embarrassing because it gave herΒ the impression that I’m negligent. *sucks*

Lesson: Bring a big bag that will hold all my stuff so I won’t be holding it with my hands and placing it somewhere in the abyss. 😁

And at 3:26 P.M., I finally got to enroll and receive my schedule!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ Yayyyyy!! Thank You Jesus~~

Amidst the clumsiness, the Lord’s love holds me up no matter how I can be such a klutz (yeah, like really) with myself, things and with the people around. Not that I want to stay or be negligent (praying to be more alert), but God just comforts me when I miss doing things. I should get up and learn. Hehe. πŸ˜…

Comment below your klutzy story. πŸ˜‚ I wanna hear yours ☺