Of Power, of Love and of a Sound Mind


2 Timothy 1:7 is a familiar text in the Bible that I have encountered many times yet I realized after Ignite 2015 that I haven’t got to really comprehend it before (glad they explained it further). -__- 🙂 This verse tells us that fear should have no place in our lives and should not be magnified for it is not the spirit that the Lord gave but the spirit He gave is of power, power that brought us back to life from our sinful ways, that can change the lives of others, and that enables us to effectively reach out to the lost; of love, love that comes from God with which through it we can show love and compassion to our neighbors; and of sound mind, a mind that is healed and renewed, imparting to us that despite of the battles that rages in our minds, WE HAVE A CHOICE on what to think, feel, say and do. (I just love Ptr. Joe Bonifacio’s preaching on this (sound mind). He said that “we aren’t a slave to our own DNA or any chemicals but we have the power to affect our environment instead of it affecting us.” We aren’t slaves to sin, our feelings or to anything in this world!!)

So no more feeling reluctant, insecure and inadequate! Remember His Spirit!!