We all have those times when we experience distressing, desperate and dim situations in our lives like failing an exam, being expectant of a promise which apparently wasn’t fulfilled, losing in a contest, having a sickness that worsens everyday, etc.

When will these things ever stop? Where can I go? What do I do? God, please help me! Please!!

At the moment, I am going through that kind of situation and I still can’t see the shimmering light slowly appearing from heaven to give me a sign of hope in the next few moments. I feel so down and so confused but something tells me that it’s not over. There’s this tug in my heart that says He is at work and He’s not going to start now for He has already started.

If you are in the same pit as I am in, don’t give up. Let’s continue believing and holding on. Nothing is impossible with Him 🙂

“Be still, and know that I am God.” -Psalm 46:10a

I pray for the peace of God to come into your hearts and minds today. You’re not alone. Let your soul be still and know that He is God.