Ignite 2013 Update

So! Ignite 2013 – Every Nation Asia Campus conference was great and it was a life-changing and fun experience! The astrodome was filled with 9, 600 youth worshippers who lifted their hands and surrendered their whole lives to Jesus. There were also delegates from China, Austria, Timor Leste, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan and Indonesia. The preaching of the pastors were so good and convicting!

c98f5672cb9211e29d0322000a1f97e3_7 With Ate Bianca and Ate Jean 😀


943402_4275947275255_179954599_n Behind story: When my sister goes to find her seat, she was surprised when an usher was blissfully leading her to the place where the delegates from Indonesia would be seating. She said to the usher, “Kuya -.- .” And that’s finally when the usher hit him that she wasn’t Indonesian. Haha 😀



The crowd was so energetic and wild in cheering for their local churches and their respective campuses!



1st day of Ignite 2013! …Lights? CHECK! ;D *Woohoo!*


970159_4275954355432_2095196607_n Hands raised in worship and surrender to God.

945743_4275982756142_422638217_nMy eldest sister with her co-campus mates (Emilio Aguinaldo College or EAC)

485616_4275992716391_656496211_n Lights!!! Isn’t it beautiful?!! Oh my gee! I just feel like I’m floating in space with the stars ♥♥♥


934807_4276003516661_578530226_n‘Cause the people behind those barricades are awesome~ G1! G1!


c6482c10cc5911e2948222000a1f9307_7Me, Kuya Cholo and Ate Bianca!!

JESUS!!! ♥♥♥

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