IGNITE 2013 – Every Nation Asia Campus Conference

From May 29-31, 2013, I attended this youth conference that really made an impact in my and other’s heart.


I attended Ignite 2011 before and this time was so different. The theme for Ignite 2013 is all about HOLINESS AND PURITY. During that season, I was struggling with sin and I was seeing that I was really… I was heading for destruction. I had trouble in overcoming sin because I was always crossing the line then going back, crossing the line again then going back again. It was tiring and unsatisfying. So hopeless and impure.

First day of the conference came. Second day. Third day. God spoke to me. I felt His presence again. His presence that I need, the presence that will assure me of my security. I was really overwhelmed by feeling Him near to me again because I was made distant from Him by my sin for a long time. God touched my heart and I was so blessed by the word of the Lord preached by the pastors and campus missionaries, the wisdom that the gospel gave. Everything was an eye-opener. I really cried hard, and give thanks to Jesus for His faithfulness, forgiveness, mercies, graces and His unfailing and unending love for me. What made me cry hard also was the time when a pastor came up on the pulpit and prayed for us, young women, for our purity and in keeping ourselves pure.

It’s not easy to not fall into temptation neither will it be easy for us to live a holy life in one click. It is a process that God is working on every moment in our lives and as His children and disciple, we should do our part in obeying Him. Let’s always ask God for grace, strength and to be filled with His Holy Spirit always so that we will be guided. By reading and obeying the Bible, and by praying, surely God will always keep the ignited fire in hearts burning eternally. A fire that cannot be quenched. A fire that is holy, pure and very powerful.

I praise, worship and love you so much Jesus. I thank You so so much. No amount of words can describe how great You are. You are the God of gods, the Lord of lords, the King of kings, and the Great I Am.

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