Keeping Myself From Drinking Coffee

May 8, 2013

There was this one time around 12 or 1 AM where I wanted to drink coffee. My eldest sister was still awake at that time because she was reviewing things for her board exam this August. To keep her awake, of course, she decided to drink coffee. Hearing that, I was also urged to drink because I remembered the delicious taste of the beverage.

Now the worst part is that I didn’t get to sleep when I went to bed at 3AM. I was awake THE WHOLE TIME OF SLEEPING HOURS. I really tried to sleep but I. Just. Can’t.

Have you experienced closing your eyes to sleep but your mind is just so active and alert that you’re still mindful of stuff happening around you? That’s one of my most worst experience. Ugh. DX

So at 6am I rose up from bed went to our dining area to eat spaghetti that my Mom cooked for my grandfather’s birthday. Nomnomnom. 😀

My head ached and my eyes hurted. I prayed to God for me to get rest and thankfully I did at around 8am. *sigh of relief* Thank you Lord.

Wrong timing of drinking coffee… Yes. Yes. Now I know that even if I’m craving for coffee I still have to check the time if I should drink or not. Sorry. 🙂

After several days, I wanted to drink McDonald’s Coffee float because I’ve seen advertisements of it on TV and it looks terrific. But I didn’t finish it all for I have remembered the feeling of my head aching and my eyes hurting DX (TRAUMA). I gave the one-fourth of it to my friend at church (it was our youth service at that time).

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