Summer 2013 Update #1 – A surprise from the U.S.

March 16, 2013 | Saturday

When I was walking near my cousin’s house to attend for her said Graduation party (from Preparatory), there was this woman who came out of the gate. I was kinda stunned because she looks like my aunt that is living in America. This woman spread her arms wide and I was still confused with her. I had this feeling of curiosity if she REALLY was my aunt. In confusion, I slowly walked towards her with my eyes squinted and I finally said, “Tita?” (Tita = Aunt) . “Sam!!,” she said then hugged me. That moment I was so shocked because I can’t believe it was really her. Out of time, tears flowed out of my eyes because I finally saw her again after 10 long years and missed her. One of the reasons also I was shocked that she was there is because many hours before seeing her, I was talking about my aunt to my family.

There was the party and it wasn’t a Graduation party, it was my cousin, Jericho, who celebrated his 2nd birthday party (Pocoyo-themed party). =)










Weeeiiiii~~ My godfather-Jaime, my cousin-Jericho A.K.A “Buboy” (‘Big boy’… that’s what my Tita Alma/her mom said), me, my uncle-Aldy and Tita Alma. 😀

Can’t believe they were right before my eyes. For real.