November 2, 2012 | Thursday

We made delicious S’mores last night. Oh my gosh I was so happy because we made and ate some.

Where did I discovered S’mores? -‘To The Beautiful You’ (Korean Series)

Jae Hee (the lead girl) was telling her friend about S’mores and ate one so out of curiosity I searched on the internet about S’mores and finally thought of making one someday with my family because it’s cool and looked yummy. I didn’t thought the ‘S’mores day’ could be done yesterday! THANK YOU LORD! 😀

I love S’mores!

3 wonderful things you need in making S’mores:

  1. Graham Crackers
  2. Chocolate
  3. Marshmallows (Medium sized)

What we did is we roasted the marshmallow over a candle 🙂 waited for it to melt for a bit so that it’ll be softie-soft when putting it on the cracker. I thought making S’mores would be complicated but it’s very easy!


Thank you ‘To The Beautiful You’ for giving me an idea about S’mores! SOME MORE!