The ‘Index Card’ and ‘Notebook’ favor from God

September 14, 2012 | Friday

I went home from school and I was so sad, so depressed because my three Index Cars of Recitation (in English, Science and Filipino) were missing. I needed those because those are for additional grades and I’m afraid that my grades will decrease from the thought that it really should increase. I was finding it in places where those cards could possibly be but it just won’t appear to me until…… I thought of looking under my bed to see if it could be there and YAY!! The Index Cards were there all along! ūüėÄ I shouted a not-so-loud-but-loud-enough¬†shout of merriment and success of finding it and my grandfather (my mom’s father) went inside the room and asked what was the reason of my not-so-loud-but-loud-enough voice.

September 15, 2012 | Saturday (Make-up class)


My teacher assigned me on one of the first few days of school to be the one responsible of handling the Attendance Notebook of our class. Several weeks have passed and I thought of giving the responsibility to our Assistant Secretary¬†(without telling my adviser) because I thought I wasn’t capable of the job because I always forget making the teachers sign in the notebook¬†and I remember it when they’re finished with our class. A few days later I got it back from our Assistant Sec. to check if she was doing good with the work I have passed to her but I thought of having it back again because my adviser knows I’m the one who’s in hand of it, and originally, it’s my responsibility. ūüėź

The terrible part here was I (thought) lost the notebook. :0 I was terrified because I have one of the most crucial responsibility in our class. I lost it on a day when everyone was so busy practicing, doing cheers with steps, preparing a presentation to show for the Opening of the Intramural event.


My adviser asked me if I have found the Attendance Notebook. I shook my head no.¬†Then she said she’ll go to the faculty room to check if it’s there in her table.¬†When she came back (WOO! *relieved*) the notebook’s in her hand.

I was and am relieved and happy to know that it’s not lost. I’m a bit like – “What the-” because all the time I thought I’m the one who made it missing and the “last” one who held it. -.-

**Thank you Jesus for your grace and favor!