Biological Reflection Notebook: Accomplished (by the grace of God!)

July 30, 2012|Monday

It seemed so impossible for me to finish my project (Reflection Notebook) in Biology. Not only intelligence should be used here but also money for the materials to be bought for the project. What made me worried and nervous is the ‘money part’ because we’re having a financial problem but by the grace of God He provided for me and I was able to do it! I did the project for 5 hours! It made my shoulders and back hurt. It wasn’t totally accomplished. Drawings are still needed to be finished.

July 31, 2012|Tuesday

This day is the day of submitting our Reflection Notebook. In the morning at school, my classmates were asking me if they could see mine since we were all curious about one another’s project. I hesitated a little but showed them at the end. The sleepy and tired feeling faded because of their positive compliments like – “Cool!!”;”Wow! I can clearly see the effort poured out on this!!”;”Looks fine!” …WAAA!!! ALL GLORY TO GOD!! THANK YOU LORD!! X]]]


I continued doing the things that should be done, and truly accomplish it during our Recess time since our Biology meeting(s) is after Recess and Lunch.

…I also want you to see what my Reflection Notebook looks but unfortunately of course it’s in my teacher’s hands right now.