Unexpected meeting in the library

July 26, 2012|Thursday


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It was recess time and I thought of going to the library to do an activity in my English book but before staying in the room, I put my book on top of a table (which you will see when you turn right as you enter) then went to the Comfort Room. To my SURPRISE (that my eyes widened) as I went back, I saw my crush studying Math by himself at the place where I put my book and the place where I should be doing my book work. Not only I saw him there but his precious eyes met mine. XDDD ♥ What I did next was to get my book and sat on another place. If only I can sit beside him!! but it’s impossible because we’re strangers to each other and that will make me look like a creeper.

I wasn’t able to focus fully in doing my book work because of my crush! I kept on smiling and kept on taking a glimpse of him! Thank God:

  • He made me understand the story that I was reading, and guided me in answering the activity.
  • I heard my crush’s voice clearly because he was teaching Math to someone.