A 2nd Year High school lady’s 1st week of school


Why awkward? Many acquaintances are around


Why confused? It was hard to make a report and at the same time I was lazy to do it that’s why it became a burden for me because I struggled with myself being lazy and at the same time I need to do the school work. By the grace of God the report is already finished. 🙂


Why worried? -For the outcome of our Role Play Report -Problems in our finances. God is amazing because he told me to pray for in Him there’s rest and peace, and He’s giving us provisions. Thank You Jesus for Your love and grace.

It’s been a tough week for me last week. Back to school, introduced myself for how many times, met new people, prepared a report for our History Subject, Math stuff, and a new school year. I didn’t use the internet for almost a week and I felt bad for it because I didn’t find time to entertain myself and blog.

Looking forward to what will happen this 2nd week. 😀