More Precious than…

This is a picture of my favorite cute stuffed toy named Ishida. Ishi for short.


When some of my friends saw Ishi they said that she’s cute but my beautiful mean sisters says that she’s ugly. As the owner of Ishida, in my eyes she’ll be always cute and cuddly no matter what people say especially if she’s not cute. (I don’t take my sisters’ words personally that my stuffed toy’s ugly.)

Reflection: If in my eyes Ishida is so cute, what more God, the one who created and the one who owns us, think about us? What does he think when he sees us? Despite we are all so sinful, in His eyes we’re all beautiful and precious. Yes, God despises the sin but but he doesn’t despise you and me. He loves you so much and tells you that-you are beautiful/handsome.  He sees us more precious than the way we see gold, more precious than the way we see our loved ones, more precious than the way I see my stuffed toy Ishida.


2 thoughts on “More Precious than…

    • Belle dame says:

      Hihi…Thanks! I like that name-Djali like Charlie. It’s pretty cute! …Me too. I can relate to you! My sisters sometimes tease me because of my stuff toy.

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