Smile – what I need to have and to do most of the time. I don’t smile as much as I would want to.


The best makeup is a “smile“.

The best jewelry is “modesty“.

The best clothing is “confidence“.

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A 2nd Year High school lady’s 1st week of school


Why awkward? Many acquaintances are around


Why confused? It was hard to make a report and at the same time I was lazy to do it that’s why it became a burden for me because I struggled with myself being lazy and at the same time I need to do the school work. By the grace of God the report is already finished. 🙂


Why worried? -For the outcome of our Role Play Report -Problems in our finances. God is amazing because he told me to pray for in Him there’s rest and peace, and He’s giving us provisions. Thank You Jesus for Your love and grace.

It’s been a tough week for me last week. Back to school, introduced myself for how many times, met new people, prepared a report for our History Subject, Math stuff, and a new school year. I didn’t use the internet for almost a week and I felt bad for it because I didn’t find time to entertain myself and blog.

Looking forward to what will happen this 2nd week. 😀

What I want to do when I’m at home during (a) cold rainy day/s

Here in the Philippines, Summer is over and recently the Rainy Season has just began. When I hear the rain and feel the cool gentle wind at home, doing nothing or finding something to do, I think about myself of things that I should be doing during that moment. No doubt, surely the first thing that’s never gonna disappoint us is to sleep during rainy days or watch shows on television. We can do many things during this kind of season. Like I’ve said-sleep or watch, eat, or even do nothing!

So here is my list of ‘What I want to do when I’m at home during (a) cold rainy day/s’ 

I’ll be in my own bedroom…

 1.  Using the Internet on a Mac Desktop,

2. Drinking hot chocolate (Swiss Miss’s Hot Chocolate),


 And last but not the least

3. While using the internet and drinking my hot chocolate, I’d be listening to John Mayer’s songs (especially his song ‘Why Georgia‘)


 *sigh* 🙂 My sigh was not for impossibility but for hoping and dreaming to do these things at a point in my life that’s why it has a 🙂 after it. BY FAITH!!

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven:” -Ecclesiastes 3:1

More Precious than…

This is a picture of my favorite cute stuffed toy named Ishida. Ishi for short.


When some of my friends saw Ishi they said that she’s cute but my beautiful mean sisters says that she’s ugly. As the owner of Ishida, in my eyes she’ll be always cute and cuddly no matter what people say especially if she’s not cute. (I don’t take my sisters’ words personally that my stuffed toy’s ugly.)

Reflection: If in my eyes Ishida is so cute, what more God, the one who created and the one who owns us, think about us? What does he think when he sees us? Despite we are all so sinful, in His eyes we’re all beautiful and precious. Yes, God despises the sin but but he doesn’t despise you and me. He loves you so much and tells you that-you are beautiful/handsome.  He sees us more precious than the way we see gold, more precious than the way we see our loved ones, more precious than the way I see my stuffed toy Ishida.

It’s hard for me to post a Post

Right now it’s hard for me to post a Post but I want to post a Post. So I’ll be sharing to you what are the things that makes it hard for me to post Posts. It’s because I’m

  1. Lazy
  2. I’m not the type of person who can share stories and thoughts into words like these. I use my voice a lot.

I do sometimes feel envy at people who are really good in literature but I believe that you don’t have to be an English enthusiast first before entering the world of blogging.

Be you, blog to the best of your ability, and look up to your inspirations-these will surely help you into blogging! Who knows that you’ll be an inspiration to other people? 🙂