A cup of coffee


It’s been quite a long time since I drank a cup of coffee. I remembered what I’ve said to my mom in the past that whenever I will be “stressed” I’ll drink coffee. I know drinking coffee is not for a thirteen year old girl like me but you can see that I’m naughty. 🙂 When I drink coffee I put milk so it’ll be creamy and sweet (My type of coffee: black coffee, sugar, creamer). As for me, the effect of this drink is a “stress reliever”. Not only it can relieve me from my mood but of course it will also make you more awake! And… I also remembered my mom telling not to drink too much coffee because I’ll be shorter instead of getting taller. I admit that I believed that and up until now I am. ^^ I also thank mum because because of what she had said I’ll be able to see my limitations.  Mmmm…. let’s be aware of our health! Happy Drinking! 😀