New K-music: TXT

Hullo there! I’m back to the blogging world! 😆 I’ve been away for months because I was busy with school and conflicted with what to write but here I am! *welcome back self*

Recently, I’ve been listening to the Korean pop group TXT (Tomorrow by Together). I watched their debut teasers on Youtube and got curious about how the group was going to be since they’re from Big Hit Entertainment, BTS’ home company. I am in love with TXT! They give off fresh vibes. The song ‘Our Summer’ is one of my personal favorites, and Huening Kai is my bias. 😊

Huening Kai | TXT’s Maknae

Huening is so adorable ❤ He has the most distinct face among the members.

I felt the noona in me when I knew about their ages haha 🤣 I feel like TXT are my babies instead of my oppas. 😓 😆

Besides that, WordPress has changed… again. I’m struggling with the new format for creating blog posts. I kept on making new blocks whenever I press ‘enter’! I gotta study this. 🧐


Tahan na

Oras ay pinalipas
Araw ay pinasikat nang mataas
Ulan ng luha na dumapo sa malambot kong unan ay tuyo na
Mga matang nakasarado ngunit ang isip ay bukas
Mga naglatagang papel sa tabi’t sahig
Paang di makagalaw sa sakit
Ang katawang para sa pagbangon at paggalaw
Hinihila ng grabidad ng puso nang pababa, nang pababa
Sa aking hindi maayos na
Pagsagot at Pagasikaso sa iyo

Voortman Chocolate Chip Cookies

Voortman chocolate chip cookies was not the usual packed cookies. It was soft (not as hard as Chips Ahoy!) and not crumbly.  The chocolates chips were soft and sweet, and overall the cookies has mild sweetness. Dipping it into milk, the milk seeps right through the cookie. 😋

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Actually my sisters and I planned to bake chocolate chip cookies but we ended up buying instead 😅😆

You may find this in your local grocery stores. I bought it from Puregold.

Price: Around 150pesos

Rating: 5/5 sparkles – ✨✨✨✨✨

New Place of Wonder

July 28, 2018 | 8:26 am
Morning thoughts

I’m not really good with change. Being in a new place makes me feel the flutterflies (fluttering butterlies) in my stomach. A new place is unpredictable and it makes me feel uncomfortable but there are places that cannot be discovered if I don’t step in it. It will always remain unknown and scary. There’s no other way but to go there and step my foot on the ground, meet someone who’s been always on that place just like when the Little Prince did as he traveled different planets. It’s good to have a childlike character of curiosity as I go out. In a child’s shoes is a world full of wonders, transforming into something that is always new and unique. In these footsteps I am taking, I should be excited for the new place of wonder. The destination always matters because if it is a place of nourishment and growth, my feet would always come to it. ❤️

Planner Desining and Calligraphy

I was invited to do planner desining with my sister and our friends. Art materials were cluttered on our table – pretty washi tapes, calligraphy pens, colored pens/pencils, stickers and cutouts. 💖 It was fun doing this! They inspired me to practice calligraphy and to design my planner more often.


I was fond of Ate Carla’s cutouts and washi tapes!


I got to take home some of the tapes. Thank you Ate Carla for sharing them! Aren’t they pretty? 😊



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6AF153D3-D2A6-4A67-9018-F17660265C1AHi 😊 I’ve been up last night finishing Stranger Things 2. It was so good. I cried! It just got so sweet when El and Mike saw each other again. ❤️

It’s a rainy day today and I’m drinking hot milk ❤️♨️ I’ve been really craving for its creamy taste and this  makes me smile 😊

Hoping for the next days to be warmer.