September 10, 2019

Once more, I experienced joy during a dinner with the people close to my heart. It was like coming out of a cold room to an open air and having the sun touch and warm your skin. I was comforted. May this joy be seen and felt. May this joy dwell in my dreams. And with it anchored hope.


Hope for Living, shake my bones. Hurt me ’till I can’t bear it no more.

As If the Day Has Only Begun

I presented my blank face to the jokes you made
You continually smiled and radiated your good side
I was dead tired, I wanted to leave
But you acted as if the day has only begun
The words you spoke built me up
I never made you see that I was beet red after that moment
I expected that you’ll meet me tomorrow
I turned my back and saw that you were already walking towards me
Embarrassed that you’ll sneer for what I do not know
Still you opened your mouth and fed me knowledge with no hesitation
You extended the reach of my wings
And taught me how to fly
Let’s go out and play in the highest of places
Not afraid of falling
Together let’s see the bigger view
And pursue the thrills and risks

My Night Sky and My Dawn

I’ve always loved watching the night sky
Its vastness submerges me in endless possibilities
With the stars illuminating my path
But then, this night is different

The night sky I adored, I recognized no more
Where are the stars? How about the the hanging moon? And the unrolled clouds?

It is I with darkness wrapped around me

My steps accorded with the clock’s ticking
As I walk the long way finding for the stars,
For the footsteps I’ve taken

I hear myself panting
My eyes countlessly blinking
Hoping that I find something as I open them

Though there was nothing to see tonight
Dawn reminded me she was coming
I patiently wait for her
‘I’ll see the majestic unveiling of the sun’s glory on my face
And I’ll hear the singing of the birds as she rises’

Time passed
Days, weeks, years…

It does not matter anymore
On how long it may be
My body can adapt

The stars did not made themselves known to me nor the sun shone on me

Warmth trickled on me
It is your hand intertwining with mine
You hold on to me tightly
And I too

It may not be the usual strength I am finding for
Yet your presence is my anchor
In this moment, you are my night sky and my dawn

Road to Internship

So yesterday we (half of our class) had our case management presentation and finally it’s finished!! I’m so glad huhu after all the sleepless nights and confusions on how to make an individualized therapy plan 😅🤗 It was challenging to make a plan for a patient but then I learned that I should always aim for his or her functionality.

Road to internship it is~ Kinikilig ako haha ❤️

Here are some of your future interns 😊😳



When I walk around school these days, I can feel the scorching heat which means summer’s nearby! I observed that March is the time when most of the trees bloom. They’re pretty. 😊 This is like spring though there’s no spring season here in the PH. 🤔😆😊

Speaking of the spring season, I’m currently seeing pictures of Japan on my social media and I’m fascinated with the pretty-in-pink cherry blossom. 🌸

How’s the weather in your place? 🌸🌼☀️

New K-music: TXT

Hullo there! I’m back to the blogging world! 😆 I’ve been away for months because I was busy with school and conflicted with what to write but here I am! *welcome back self*

Recently, I’ve been listening to the Korean pop group TXT (Tomorrow by Together). I watched their debut teasers on Youtube and got curious about how the group was going to be since they’re from Big Hit Entertainment, BTS’ home company. I am in love with TXT! They give off fresh vibes. The song ‘Our Summer’ is one of my personal favorites, and Huening Kai is my bias. 😊

Huening Kai | TXT’s Maknae

Huening is so adorable ❤ He has the most distinct face among the members.

I felt the noona in me when I knew about their ages haha 🤣 I feel like TXT are my babies instead of my oppas. 😓 😆

Besides that, WordPress has changed… again. I’m struggling with the new format for creating blog posts. I kept on making new blocks whenever I press ‘enter’! I gotta study this. 🧐